Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire was born in Burgundy, France in 1992. He has lived in different regions, among them French Flanders, Provence, Thuringia Germany and London.

These specific places have shaped his strong interest in the occidental studies of mores and traditional costumes with a specific enthusiasm towards the XIIIth century.

From 2015 to 2018, Pierre-Alexandre assisted under the mentorship of Lady Amanda Harlech, Panos Yapanis, Jacob Kjeldgaard and B Åkerlund, before focusing on his own art practice and honing his approach to styling.

Early in his career, Pierre-Alexandre focused on understanding how to integrate natural and artificial elements into the silhouette, creating an honest narrative of his own. Sourcing for vintage and antiques, alongside creating one-off handmade pieces, has also helped to enhance the voice of each one of the characters that he brings to life in his highly narrative projects.

To allow his detail oriented vision to take place, Pierre-Alexandre collaborates closely with floral artists, ethnological archivists and designers in order to bring a more unique voice to his world.

Soon after committing to his styling career full time, the British Fashion Council selected Pierre-Alexandre as one of the New Wave Creatives to watch that year.

Pierre-Alexandre challenges the body and its limit through styling and a narrative of his own, in order to show the historical truth of people within their natural habitat, highlighting their strong individualities.

The realness of a peasant dressed in hemp, harvesting a field, is not so far off the brutal image of a contemporary individual completely wrapped up in plastic at the waking of our climate emergency.

‘The absurdity of a civilization at the edge of its fall’ is what Pierre-Alexandre tends to illustrate within his work – a documentation of the performative aspect of our existence.

For him, style is the performance which allows the body to bring imagination into reality, where the final result (photography or motion) is its purest form of documentation.