Born in England, Luka Booth studied fine art painting and art history with a focus on figurative oil painting. He began his career in 2019, combining his classical visual language with a sensitive approach to fashion photography, resulting in images both referential and contemporary.

Son of a choreographer and a couturier, from a young age he was surrounded by the worlds of performance and fashion. His work, as a result, is heavily influenced by a mix of theatricality and fantasy. Luka’s fashion imagery frequently explores surreal and dreamlike narratives; seeking to tell an unintelligible story and open up a dialogue between the viewer and the image.

He approaches photography with a painterly aesthetic; often working with long exposures and hand colouring to recreate the atmosphere and serendipity of painting.

Filtering his interests in performance, fashion and fine art through the lens of both his camera and his imagination, Luka seeks to create intriguing imagery and a unique landscape in which to capture fashion.